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Taicang Daobang Chromatography Technology Co., LTD. (referred to as: Daobang ANW Technologies) is one of the professional manufacturers of chromatographic sample bottles, located in China's German-funded enterprise gathering area - Taicang City, Suzhou. It is jointly funded by Taicang Feishier Instrument Co., Ltd. and related local industry chain enterprises. The company adheres to the focused and rigorous spirit of enterprise, relying on the exquisite German enterprise precision manufacturing technology, focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of laboratory analysis bottles, and the company has developed dozens of laboratory-related peripheral products.

The company now has 100,000 dust-free purification production workshop and related research and production equipment, which can meet the development and production requirements of products in the field of high precision and high cleanliness, and the product quality is fully in line with the standards.

At present, Daobang Technology's customers have spread over more than 20 countries around the world, more than 100 domestic listed companies, more than 1,000 R & D enterprises and testing institutions are using Daobang Technology products, more than 2,000 dealers in the distribution of Daobang technology products, for more than 30 scientific instrument companies, sales companies contract production. Stable and reliable quality.

In addition, Daobang technology from meeting the diversified needs of customers, to provide customers with a variety of services from OEM to ODM, has been "quality first, reasonable price, thoughtful service" for the company's development goals and purposes, and established a long-term mutual trust and win-win relationship between customers.
Product Classification

8-425 threaded small mouth sample bottle

9mm short thread wide mouth sample bottle

10-425 thread wide mouth sample bottle

11mm bayonet with lid sample bottle

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11mm nipped sample bottle

4/5mL screw sample bottle

15-425 threaded sample bottle

18mm precision threaded headspace bottle

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